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NIST SP 800-123, Guide to General Server Security

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NIST SP 800-123, Guide to General Server Security

Made pages of recommendations and suggestions to this document.

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IPv6 insecurity is a clear and present danger

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IPv6 insecurity is a clear and present danger

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The Last Hope – IPv6 the Next Generation Network Playground

July 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Last night I presented at the “Last Hope”, a conference held in the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Having never attended this conference in the past, I was unsure of the venue. Considering my presentation was held on a Saturday night at 9 PM, I was only expecting 3 or 4 people. I was pleasantly surprised when it was a standing room only crowd stuffed into the smallest room in the conference. Who would have known?

The presentation went well, with many people sticking around almost an hour after I finished speaking.

From this conference I have both slides and an audio track. Sorry, no video to scare the little kids and CEO’s.

WIRED : The Ghost in Your Machine: IPv6 Gateway to Hackers

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