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Baltimore ISSA : IPv6 Security. Are you ready? You should be!

After four months of waiting, I finally was inserted into a spot at the Baltimore ISSA. The meeting was standing room only in a reasonably large training room, in Columbia Maryland. I updated and added the following items to my slides:

  • Discussed IPv6 is a Business Continuity issue and organizations must move to avoid this problem. This included BGP fragmentation and the problem of not having large enough routers to manage these tables.
  • Cloud Computing and IPv6
  • Add both capable and enabled to the chart of operating systems. This process tool several weeks to confirm.
  • Updated information about IPv6 security events
  • Did a bunch of research on malware that have been leveraging IPv6 and IPv6 tunnels
  • Another update to my vulnerability slides
  • Added information about product testing
  • Discussed the problem with Netwitness 8, not properly representing an IPv6 address
  • Google Earth is missing a place to insert IPv6 addresses
  • Update compliance issues
  • Discussed new defenses of IPv6 only networks

All in all it was a good group, received very few cards for the size of the group. Strange.

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