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Apple ignores IPv6 Security in recent guide?

I was perusing the news today, and discovered that Apple produced a security guide for iOS (1).  Excited by the idea that Apple would disclose technical details on the security and features for their products, I grabbed a copy of the document and read it.  I was hoping Apple would discuss how IPv6 was implemented and which security controls could be applied to create a more secure system. I was wrong.

Then I typed ‘Apple security guide’ and reviewed a group of links sorted by versions of Apple firewalls, thinking they would have security features for IPv6. Reviewing the guide for Snow Leopard I discovered the best IPv6 on Apple products is a disabled IPv6.

Lastly, I reviewed the IPv6 Ready Logo Program – a list of products which have been tested for their compliance and interoperability with IPv6 – and discovered that it recommends disabling IPv6 on the Apple Operating system and IOS.

Wonder if Apple customers joining the IPv6 World Launch Day on June 6th will understand that a secure Mac is one which IPv6 should be disabled.


(1) iOS Security Guide, https://threatpost.com/en_us/blogs/apple-details-ios-security-features-new-guide-053112

(2) Mac OS X Security Guide, http://www.apple.com/support/security/guides/

(3) IPv6 World Launch Day, http://www.worldipv6launch.org/

(4) IPv6 Ready guides, https://www.ipv6ready.org/db/index.php/public/?o=6

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