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Wireless Telegraph Vulnerability

I am constantly amazed at the things I find on the Internet. One example of this is the two vulnerabilities in the Marconi Wireless Telegraph that were posted to the Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB), which is a place to find security vulnerabilities in vendor’s products.

The first was OSVDB ID: 79399, Marconi Wireless Telegraph, “Transmitted Message Remote Disclosure”, published 06/01/1903 and acknowledged by the vendor a day later, but not posted on the OSVDB until 12/27/2011. The other was the OSVDB ID: 79400 Marconi Wireless Telegraph, “Crafted Transmission Message Spoofing” with the same publication date as the one prior.

If you have read my blog post in the past, these vulnerabilities are the reason I call myself and this blog Scientific Hooliganism. Thanks to whoever posted these, it made my day!

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