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IPv6 Increases Security for the Internet

April 22, 2013 7 comments

Just finished Kenneth Geers book, “Strategic Cyber Security”, and finally discovered someone agrees with me about IPv6!

“This research suggests that IPv6 has the potential to be a more influential factor in strategic cyber security than three current cyber attack advantages, including  asymmetry and inadequate cyber defense. This result is the most significant revelation in this study. Two powerful IPv6 attributes. First, IPv6 is extremely resistant to outside influence, so it is more “reliable” than other factors in the system. Second, IPv6 influences the single most powerful cyber attack advantage, anonym ity, at a “very high” level. These factors combine, via indirect influence calculations, to radiate the impact of IPv6 throughout the system and to magnify its importance. Thus, for decision makers, this research suggests that IPv6 is currently the single most efficient way to change the dynamics of strategic cyber security in favor of cyber defense.”

“IPv6 is the most likely to have a tangible impact on reducing the key advantages of a cyber attacker, and thus it is the most likely strategy to improve a nation’s strategic cyber defense posture. The simple reason is that it can reduce the most influential advantage of a cyber attacker, anonymity, and it does so with a higher degree of reliability than the other factors in this research. Thus, the influence of IPv6 grows over time and impacts all other factors in strategic cyber security”

I have been working on a new tool which will greatly add defensive capabilities to IPv6, but having a challenge in finding funding to complete the tool. Anyone have any ideas?
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