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WordPress – Missing out on IPv6

June 25, 2013 2 comments

Based on WordPress’s own public marketing page:

  • 371 million people view more than 4.1 billion pages each month.
  • users produce about 47.8 million new posts and 62.4 million new comments each month.
  • They are #3 in the number of unique visitors behind Google and Facebook.

Based on observation and testing of WordPress:

  • Page views for the last 3 months have been flat (
  • Has yet to register for IPv6 address space.
  • Still does not support IPv6 for its blog, two years after its competitors, Google and Facebook.
  • 71,400,000 results on Google are asking if and when IPv6 will be supported by WordPress.

Note to Matt Mullenweg: Are you planning on WordPress being the next BlockBusters? Kodak? Wang Computers? Should I and others begin migrating our blog entries to an organization that supports IPv6?

I am kind of tired of people from the EU and Asia being unable to view my blog! And getting the response from support “IPv6 is on our roadmap, but we are unable to tell you when it will be implemented”.  Seems the inability to provide even approximate dates makes your roadmap in supporting IPv6 more a dream then a plan.

By the way, I am a paying customer…