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IPv6 support for Cisco/Linksys, D-link is currently in the lead!

June 3, 2012 Leave a comment

After my posting “Cisco / Linksys leave their current customers behind”, I received a facebook post from John Brzozowski, Chief Architect (1), IPv6 and Distinguished Engineer, Comcast Corporation, and friend. He reminded me that Ming-Han Liu Hans (2), IPv6 Evangelist at D-Link(3), has been working hard to upgrade the product line, receiving the IPv6 Ready Certification (4) on many of the D-Link products.

Never heard of the IPv6 Ready Program (4)?  It was created by the IPv6 Forum for the purpose of conformance and interoperability testing to increase user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 is available now and is ready to be used. The program provides product vendors methods and tools to test their products. In addition they offer certified laboratories, which provide third party validation of a product’s conformance and interoperability.

The reason advantage to consumers and businesses to use the IPv6 Ready Program database is to avoid vendors who claim support for IPv6, but do not do so.  A good example is the company ‘Billion’, which claims IPv6 support on the Wikipedia “Comparison of IPv6 support in routers”, makes a claim of support in their “Product Guide”(5), and even has an “IPv6 Support” logo (6) to convince everyone that it supports IPv6. But when looking up the IPv6 Ready Program page (7), only three products are listed, none of which are products listed in the current Billion Product Guide.

Now back to my original story. Based on the IPv6 Ready Logo Program, D-Link has over 69 IPv6 Ready Certified (8) products including:

  • DIR-652 – Gigabit Home Router (Hardware Revision B1)
  • DIR-653 – Wireless N300 Gigabit Home Router
  • DIR-645 – Whole Home Router 1000
  • DIR-655 – Xtreme N Gigabit Router (Hardware Revision B1)
  • DIR-825 – Xtreme N Dual Band Gigabit Router (Hardware Revision C1)
  • DIR-835 – Wireless N750 Dual-Band Router
  • DHP-1565 – Wireless N PowerLine Gigabit Router

In contrast, Linksys (Cisco Consumer Products LLC) has only 11 IPv6 Ready Certified (9) on new products.

Here is the kicker; D-Link offers upgrade firmware for most existing routers (10), but Cisco does not.  Here is hoping Cisco does the same.

Thank you John and Liu Hans for the information.


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Cisco / Linksys leave their current customers behind

May 25, 2012 3 comments

Based on the Home Router page on the Cisco website (, millions (perhaps tens of millions) of routers will need to be replaced. The sad part is that Cisco has had working versions of IPv6 code on many of their older lines of products for at least three years, but has not released it, presumably because they figured they could force the consumer to churn the product.

Sadly, Cisco has not been listening to their own customers’ demands for IPv6 on their routers since 2005.[1]

These references can also be found on Cisco’s own forums – in some cases going back to 2007.[2]

I have two questions for Cisco at this point. Can Cisco still be considered a trusted name in consumer products? And as the code you withheld will            force perhaps tens of millions of routers to go to the trash dump, who is going to pay for the early demise of these routers?”

Users that want to get a few more years out of that ‘old Cisco router’ and are willing to spend an afternoon on it, can load dd-wrt to enable IPv6.        (

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