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TCS – May 16 2012

May 16, 2012 Leave a comment

TCS – May 16 2012

Update Slides – Added

  1. IPv6 tunnel defenses : ICMP, Teredo, 6to4
  2. Compairing IPv4 and IPv6 ICMP packets required
  3. IPv6 Transit Policies
  4. IPv6 Local Segment Policies
  5. Avoiding IPv6 router DOS
  6. New techniques for scanning IPv6 networks

DOJOCon – IPv6 Vulnerabilities

June 26, 2009 Leave a comment

“DojoCon 2010 – Where Security Masters Lead” is a conference created by Marcus J. Carey, and was an off-shoot of a popular monthly meeting he called Dojosec, held in Maryland. While at the meeting in January, Marcus requested I speak. Based on the popularity of the monthly meeting, I figured it would be fun.

During this speech, I presented some new research which mapped operating systems supporting IPv6, which also had tunnels available when native IPv6 was not available on the local network. I also introduced my tool, DADra, a never published tool I was using to attack other IPv6 enabled devices on the same segment.

The video, for those intrepid souls…

For those that just want the slides, they too are available.

The only disquieting moment I had during the conference was when Ron Gula from Tenable, one of the sponsors of the event asked me why this was even important and claimed he did not think IPv6 would happen nor that Tennable Nessus would ever support IPv6. Oh well, time will tell.

Baltimore ISSA : IPv6 Security. Are you ready? You should be!

March 26, 2009 Leave a comment

After four months of waiting, I finally was inserted into a spot at the Baltimore ISSA. The meeting was standing room only in a reasonably large training room, in Columbia Maryland. I updated and added the following items to my slides:

  • Discussed IPv6 is a Business Continuity issue and organizations must move to avoid this problem. This included BGP fragmentation and the problem of not having large enough routers to manage these tables.
  • Cloud Computing and IPv6
  • Add both capable and enabled to the chart of operating systems. This process tool several weeks to confirm.
  • Updated information about IPv6 security events
  • Did a bunch of research on malware that have been leveraging IPv6 and IPv6 tunnels
  • Another update to my vulnerability slides
  • Added information about product testing
  • Discussed the problem with Netwitness 8, not properly representing an IPv6 address
  • Google Earth is missing a place to insert IPv6 addresses
  • Update compliance issues
  • Discussed new defenses of IPv6 only networks

All in all it was a good group, received very few cards for the size of the group. Strange.