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Columbia Area Linux Users Group – IPv6 for Linux Admins

July 27, 2010 Leave a comment

When talking to Maco a few months ago, she suggested I contact the CALUG about a talk on IPv6 for Linux Admins. I did not know that to expect, and was pleasantly surprised that they were interested. The meeting was held at the Tenable building in Columbia Md, early evening. I thought perhaps 10 or 15 admins might show up, but we had over 60 people that had great questions and comments throughout the presentation. I expected to take only 1 hour, but the questions kept coming, and eventually after 2 hours I was done. Wow!

I included several slides for a new class I will be teaching called “IPv6 Hacking and Defending”, which included:

  • Adding a discussion about the new trust model in IPv6
  • Links to test your network for IPv6
  • Discussing the new IPv6 certification
  • A step by step process describing what a Linux system does when enabling IPv6

Sadly, no one from Tenable except one of the Linux admins was in attendance.

The slides for the presentation can be located here.