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I want IPv6, but…

May 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Ok, I am not a big fan of Teredo, a tunneling technique that rides IPv6 inside UDP packets over IPv4, but there are times when it is required.  Let’s first start with a time when it should not be used and that is when you are an authorized user on an enterprise and need IPv6. In this case call your IT department.

When should it be used? Anytime that you need to connect to IPv6, but the local switch, upstream router, network firewall or ISP does not support IPv6.  Here are methods to enable IPv6:

  • Windows XP – enable Ipv6
  • Vista,  Windows 7 and Window 8 – IPv6 is enable by default; your IT department might have disabled it by default in all cases. Call your IT department.
  • Linux Ubuntu/Debian – “sudo apt-get install miredo” is enough to have IPv6 connectivity. There is no configuration needed.

Columbia Area Linux Users Group – IPv6 for Linux Admins

July 27, 2010 Leave a comment

When talking to Maco a few months ago, she suggested I contact the CALUG about a talk on IPv6 for Linux Admins. I did not know that to expect, and was pleasantly surprised that they were interested. The meeting was held at the Tenable building in Columbia Md, early evening. I thought perhaps 10 or 15 admins might show up, but we had over 60 people that had great questions and comments throughout the presentation. I expected to take only 1 hour, but the questions kept coming, and eventually after 2 hours I was done. Wow!

I included several slides for a new class I will be teaching called “IPv6 Hacking and Defending”, which included:

  • Adding a discussion about the new trust model in IPv6
  • Links to test your network for IPv6
  • Discussing the new IPv6 certification
  • A step by step process describing what a Linux system does when enabling IPv6

Sadly, no one from Tenable except one of the Linux admins was in attendance.

The slides for the presentation can be located here.